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Burning Spirit

 Burning Spirit - Nocturnal Days

Sotiris provided guest lead and backing vocals on the song "The Essence of Change" from guitarist Kostas Vlepakis' Burning Spirit album titled Nocturnal Days.
Production was completed late 2012 and as soon as available to us, we will post here links where you will be able to buy this album.
For more information on Burning Spirit please visit the band's page on Facebook clicking on the link below.

Creeping Barrage

 Creeping Barrage

Creeping Barrage were formed in 2005, in Athens Greece.
Multi-instrumentalist Periklis Therrios was recording a song of his (which was later to be titled "Another Night in the Cell") at his studio while at the same time looking for lyrics and vocal melodies to complete the song but without any remarkable result. It so happened that Sotiris Lagonikas was at the same time rehearsing with What's The Buzz? at Periklis Therrios' studio when after rehearsal, Periklis asked Sotiris to listen to his new song. The next day Sotiris had the lyrics and the voice melody ready. 
One week later, while Sotiris was recoding the vocals for first song "Another Night in the Cell", Periklis was finishing the second one (later to be titled "Sun is Melting") and so it went..
This way, pretty soon five Heavy Proggressive songs were completed and Periklis named this project Creeping Barrage.
Unfortunately Creeping Barrage did not go further, remaining a studio effort only, without any band members to support it.
Nevertheless, we all hope that the Creeping Barrage band is still an ongoing process and that soon we will listen to more music from them.

Members: Sotiris Lagonikas (Vocals) Periklis Therrios (guitars,bass,keyboards,drums programming)

Visit Creeping Barrage's Myspace page clicking on the link below.

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