Sotiris Lagonikas

Who he is..

 Sotiris LagonikasSotiris Lagonikas is a self-taught musician born and raised in the city of Piraeus, Greece.
He grew up in the 70's and was greatly influenced by the classic/hard/art/prog rock music of the time coming from bands like Grand Funk Railroad, Queen, Kansas, Foreigner, Styx, Toto, Kiss and many others of the like who became his "tutors" in a sort of a different way..

Sotiris spent so much time listening to their music and watching their live videos that in a couple of years, he was actually able to play their music on drums, bass and guitar.
It was a huge surprise the first time that Sotiris actually sat on drums at the age of 14 and played it, as if he had actually been taking lessons.
Few days later, he auditioned and was accepted for the drummer's position in a local band of the 80's called Four Wheel Drive.
With 'Four Wheel Drive', Sotiris wrote a lot of music and played constantly live on every chance the band got.
In 1990, Four Wheel Drive released their one and only full-length album on vinyl, which received an extensive airplay leading to a small tour around Greece.

Back in the 1986, Sotiris met fellow musicians Chris Kissadjekian and Takis Kalatzis, who at the time were playing in a band called Mirage.
They had become very good friends and somewhere in 1992, the three decided to form a heavy-blues-prog-rock trio and got in the studio shortly thereafter.
The yet-unnamed fake rolex watches band started jamming countless hours and a year later, Jane Sabanikou (ex-singer in a band called Beauty and the Beast), joined the trio and even came up with its name. The name was What's The Buzz? coming from the same name song from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Rock Opera "Jesus Christ Superstar".
What's The Buzz? recorded a number of demos and did many gigs all around Greece. With What's The Buzz? Sotiris had the privilege to support on stage bands like Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Spiritual Beggars, Cathedral, The Answer, Whitesnake, etc.
In the year 2000, What's The Buzz? released their first self-titled album.

Sotiris is costantly and actively writing new music at his home studio, recording each instrument and vocals live, as well as arranging, mixing and producing.

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